Preventive maintenance is a regularly scheduled maintenance system helping you to be cost effective and avoid unscheduled equipment breakdown. Whether it’s time passing or it’s a natural blow and your building’s novelty is fading away, our experts are always ready and determined to operate efficiently and effectively to maintain your institution.

Landscape service offers you design, installation and maintenance. In addition we help you to eliminate all weeds, pests, and diseases to sustain your landscape and keep it healthy and green…
Seasonal maintenance,
Fertilization & nourishment,
Watering and mowing,
Treatments for diseases, pests and foliage protection.

Our pest management system is safe, odorless and highly effective. Our program determines specific required treatments, needed equipment and the list of pesticides for your home, building, or even the whole area. We control, follow up and eliminate all kinds of pests…
Crawling insects,
Flying insects.

The purpose of fire alarm systems is protection of people, property, and assets. However, such systems need to be supervised and maintained regularly to insure their proper functioning and safety, maintaining your system reduces expenses by avoiding unscheduled equipment breakdown preventing.
Test and calibrate alarm sensors;
Simulate inputs and test the enunciators;
Set sensitivity;
Check the battery

Air-conditioning systems need to be supervised and cleaned regularly to insure their proper function and safety, in which there will be a scheduled maintenance for these systems to prevent any break down…
Regular inspections,
Clean Air Filters,
Clean Heat Exchange Core.

Proper maintenance ensures that the elevator’s durability is preserved for as long as possible and the original conditions of the system are sustained…
Steel Bars & Motor Cleaning,
Cable Greasing & Lubrication,
Monitor Electric Board & Motor,
Test Elevator Security System,
External Lighting,
Direct & Indirect Lighting,
Sign/neon repairs,
Electric curtains.

Electrical appliances and wiring at your establishment need continuous preservation and maintenance to avoid all dangers and mishaps of electric hazards…
Main Distribution Board,
Electrical connections.

We provide the required services to ensure best performance and results…
Oil, Fuel & Water Filter,
Thermostat & Gasket,
Engine Oil & Analysis,
Generator Boards.

Sanitation is a requirement in every person’s existence. It is a need in your home, office, building, hotel, storage facility, etc… For those who do not have the time, effort, or equipment; we offer you, your family or colleagues all the cleaning services you require.

Our Technicians will visit the site regularly for the preventive maintenance with unlimited site visits for any corrective works; in addition, we can supply the running expenses for the systems…
HVAC Closed System,
Reverse Osmosis,
Sewage Treatment,
Softeners & Filters,
Pressure Booster Sets & Pumps,
UV Sterilize.