Civil & Architectural works

Whatever its time passing or it is natural blow and your building’s novelty is fading away, our experts are always ready and determined to operate efficiently and effectively to maintain your institution:

  • External painting.
  • External Cladding.
  • Tiling Repairs.
  • Water Damage Repair.
  • Internal Painting.
  • Elevation Repair.
  • Lock and Door Repairs.

Mechanical Services

Skilled technicians taking care of your establishment’s atmosphere and building systems put you at ease and relieve you from unexpected difficulties.

  • Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Chiller & VRV Systems.
  • Boiler Systems.
  • Elevator Services.
  • Ventilation Systems.
  • Generator Services.
  • Fire Fighting System.
  • Solar Water Heaters.

Electrical Services

Electrical appliances and wiring at your establishment need continuous preservation and maintenance to avoid all dangers and mishaps of electric hazards.

  • Electrical Work.
  • Lightning/Earthing Systems.
  • UPS Maintenance.
  • Solar electric system.

Plumbing Services

Our Plumbing services incorporate a range of activities including but not limited to drain services involving cleaning the traps and piping of a variety of drain types, sewer drains, toilet drains, sink drains, and grease traps.

  • Drainage.
  • Irrigation System.
  • Water Pump.
  • Water Supply.
  • Sewage Pump.
  • Water Well.

Water Treatment Services

We provide a complete range of service solutions covering Water Tank Cleaning Services, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Water Reuse and Recycling, water treatment plant including the supply of the required running expenses, chemicals and labor for the systems.

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance.
  • Water Reuse and Recycling.
  • RO plant.
  • Water Tank Cleaning.

High-Tech Services

We provide a wide range of high technology services for commercial and residential building management systems, including infrastructure, security, access control and monitoring systems offered by highly qualified and skilled staff.

  • Network / Internet.
  • CCTV.
  • Automatic Gates.
  • Automation system.
  • BMS.
  • PABX.
  • Videophones.